Any Questions?

Last week, I came across this tweet from Andre Sasser:

I love this strategy! When I am asked, “Do you have any questions?” at a meeting in front of my peers, I’ll admit that even when I have questions, I am hesitant to ask any because I fear my peers might think my questions are dumb! However, think about how different it feels when the question is posed, “What questions do you have?” This implies that you SHOULD have questions.

Taking that even further… if we end our instruction by telling our students “Ask me two questions” this makes further inquiry not only acceptable but part of the classroom culture. This makes it safe to ask even a “dumb” question because the instructor told you to ask a question and you are just trying to comply!

I also came across this really cool website from Tony Vincent that generates a random reflective question each time you go to the website or refresh the page. I love the idea of having this website saved so you can quickly have students reflect on their learning, their participation, or their effort level at the end of a lesson with the click of a button! 

Check out my latest blog post for even more ideas for using reflective questions with students!

How will you incorporate more questioning into your instruction this week?

Written by Meredith Akers, Principal




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